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dos paint program : what compiler to be used? (Developers)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 09.08.2014, 23:13

> Can you post the executable for download, thanks?


I could not find a download link so uploaded the copy
the I've had for many years.

Archive: PX32E96.ZIP
Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Name
-------- ------ ------- ----- ---- ---- ------ ----
13483 Defl:X 13068 3% 09-16-98 13:35 6e2ca62f CWSDPMI.EXE
288 Defl:X 240 17% 07-13-99 13:49 ec190a2d FILE_ID.DIZ
1071 Defl:X 552 49% 06-06-99 12:19 80beee1b LICENSE.TXT
535 Defl:X 254 53% 07-09-99 11:15 30b868fa README.TXT
91740 Defl:X 90370 2% 07-23-99 12:39 cb7b00a9 SETUP.EXE
100485 Stored 100485 0% 07-13-99 13:39 235d73c4 SETUP.PK0
3135052 Defl:X 3130446 0% 07-23-99 12:38 abc11021 SETUP.PK1
-------- ------- --- -------
3342654 3335415 0% 7 files

-- file_id.diz ---
Secundum Artem Pixel32

version 0.96 beta (demo)

- Photo editing and retouching
tool with top technologies
under pure DOS. Most image
formats, plugins, TrueType
font engine, layer, channels...


--- license.txt ---

This program is not freeware, copy you have
is only demoversion which you can try and
spread but in unmodified form. After period
of 30 days you must remove this program
from your computer or to buy the full version.
There are many limitations in such demoversion.

Without agreeing this you are not allowed to
install this program on your computer.

There are several methods how to get full copy.
You can contact one of your local distributors
and buy full package with registration card,
or you can order it by mail or at our website.
Last method is registering this program as
shareware. You must send the authentication code
generated by program, you can find it in menu
Help/Register. This is because we must first
check if you have our original program, after
that you will get your registration number and
become a legal registered user with many advantages.
Previously disabled functions in demoversion will
be reenabled for you. More info you can find
in file "register.txt" after the installation.

--- readme.txt ---

Secundum Artem Pixel32

Minimal hardware configuration:

- PC 486DX, 66Mhz
- 8Mb RAM
- 512kB video card (VESA BIOS v1.2+)
- mouse driver installed
- DPMI server (CWSDPMI, Windows 95/98, QEMM...)
- 20Mb free space on HDD

Recommended configuration:

- PC Pentium, 166MHz
- 32 or 64Mb RAM
- 2Mb video card (VESA BIOS v3.0)
- mouse driver installed
- DPMI server (CWSDPMI, Windows 95/98, QEMM...)
- 100Mb free space on HDD



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