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dos paint program : what compiler to be used? (Developers)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 14.08.2014, 04:32

> I mailed with author many years ago when I found a download of old version
> 0.99.6. He told that DOS version is obsolete because lack of users
> interest. Also he had some issues with FPC compiler. DOS version was
> compiled by FPC 1.0.10 and other platforms by 2.0.1. Also he didn't have
> DOS machine for testing and test it only under Linux/Dosbox. He made some
> newer version but it had several issues with redrawing in 8 and 16bpp modes
> and even worse in 32bpp mode where it crashed. So don't expect any
> update...

All of that is as we have come to expect.

Which is of-course exactly why you made this suggestion to Roberto...

"If you need more complex SVGA paint program try
to look at old DOS version of Pixel32."



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