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arachne dpmi core 32 bit (Developers)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 21.08.2014, 01:22

> Hi,
> someone have tried to developping this 32 bitdos porting of core.exe of
> arachne?
> I've take a look in the source and seem have js support and maybe added
> Openssl
> support..
> Exist a binary to place instead to original 16 bit core.exe for test.


I tried it way back almost 8yrs ago when Udo compiled it.

Sorry to say, it crashes time and time again at the drop of a hat. :(

And of-course, Udo issued the warning to that effect....

--- readme.txt from the ZIP ---

This is a version of Arachne v1.90J1 that I have modified to allow it to run in
Protected Mode using the DPMI (DOS Protected Mode Interface). It requires
Borland C v4.52 and Borland Powerpack for DOS v1.0 to compile. Other versions
might also work, but this has not been tested. There is also a precompiled
version available.

DPMI Arachne, as I have named it, is still in alpha stage, but is now able to
connect to the Internet and has been successfully tested on several machines.
It is known not to work on some machines, though, for reasons yet unknown.

If you decide to test it, you do it on your own risk. It might crash, so you
would be well advised to take precautions.

Feedback is welcome, and should be posted to either the Arachne Development
group at, the Arachne user
mailinglist at or the Enhanced DR-DOS
Forum at .

Udo Kuhnt



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