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C's system() & COMMAND.COM (Developers)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 18.09.2014, 15:41

> > I may (I probably should) document my implementation of system(), but
> other
> > than that I don't think I care enough about the specific combination of
> > these:
> > - ancient non-standard extensions to the ancient OS (TSRs, shells
> replacing
> > COMMAND.COM and the like, especially those additionally crippled
> > license-wise (e.g. 4DOS and its ties to FreeDOS)) that I don't know,
> don't
> > have, am not willing to acquire, test and support
> 4DOS is freeware with sources (but needs old MSVC 1.52 to rebuild). It is
> definitely not tied to FreeDOS only. Rex Conn confirmed as much (see the
> Talk page on Wikipedia).
> That shouldn't be a problem at all. If you want to use and redistribute
> 4DOS, go ahead. I have it installed on my main desktop, but honestly I just
> always prefer FreeCOM out of simplicity. says at the bottom below that same text:

"These contradictions should be cleared, because they prevent e.g. making 4DOS a Sourceforge project."

If I were a lawyer or sought to extract profit from 4DOS, it would be a big red flag for me. IMO, if anyone cares, the license should be changed to remove said contradictions.

> I admit that FreeCOM isn't perfect, nor totally easy to rebuild (TC++ 1.01
> only; Bart's OW port was incomplete and unstable), but at least (in theory)
> you could tweak and redistribute it to your heart's content. I would
> honestly probably suggest you improve that if you can't live with
> unmodified DOS shells.

Sorry, improves who, improves what?

> > I see no point making things more complex than truly necessary, given
> the
> > expected frequency of use and usage scenarios themselves and that the
> whole
> > exercise is meant to be for fun in the first place.
> Then it's simple: "Do nothing."

I do just a little bit more than nothing, but that's the idea. :)

> > You may lament about certain limitations and incompatibilities and so
> may
> > I, but realistically there aren't that many options:
> I think you misunderstood MarcoV. He isn't interested, just offering some
> (very) light advice.

The range of possible problems has been duly registered in my mind. :)


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