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Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 (Announce)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 09.10.2014, 16:59

Paul Houle's Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 (freeware) has been released about a month ago. For those who do not yet know, one of the most notable added features of Enhanced DOSKEY over the original DOSKEY shipped with DOS/Win9x is command and file auto-completion via the Tab key. Although enhanced, it has a small disk and memory resident footprint, and may be used as a drop-in replacement for the DOSKEY program shipped with DOS/Win9x. It now supports long file names (LFN) as well as short (8.3) names for auto-completion, and also features a CHANGE mode (can be turned on with -C option or with Alt+F9 shortcut) in addition to the APPEND mode. There are also many other new features such as improved macro support; for example, you can now redefine F1-F12 function keys with macros. It has been tested on both single-byte (English, French, etc) DOS/Win9x systems and double-byte (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) DOS/Win9x systems. For more information and downloads (executable & source code) please visit its home page at:

Direct link for the Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 program:

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