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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 17.10.2014, 17:14

> I tried to run gcc/djgpp under vdos (just gcc -v) and it crashed an closed
> the emulator. Under dosbox it works (I tried some months before).

Any indication of why it crashed? (Offhand, I'd guess memory allocation issues.)

I'm not sure I'd care. Under 64 bit Win 7 Pro (which is where vDOS is installed on my machine,) I'd just run the MinGW flavor of GCC "native". I have no particular reason to use the DJGPP port. It's working fine here to run existing DOS apps, which is my reason for having it.

It's curious that it does work under DOSBOX. I also wonder what might happen if the DJGPP port of gcc was used in an NTVDM emulation under 32 bit Windows.


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