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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 18.10.2014, 04:14

> ...
> > I'd also love to see long file name support. (I haven't been able to get
> an LFN driver to load.)
> Thanks for your post. Regarding long file name (LFN) support, it is for
> sure that LFN drivers like DOSLFN won't load in DOSBox or vDOS, since they
> are not real DOS environments and also prevent direct disk access.

DOSBOX and vDOS do support TSRs. I was looking for an LFN driver that could be loaded that way, since CONFIG.SYS DEVICE=foo operations aren't supported.

> Sadly,
> it also seems that the vDOS author (josschaars) is not willing to add LFN
> support at all. However, given that I have actually added long file name
> support to DOSBox myself last month (see post at:
> and that vDOS is a fork of DOSBox, it may not be very difficult to port
> LFN-related code from DOSBox to vDOS, so that vDOS would support LFN as
> well, similar to a real DOS environment with DOSLFN loaded.

I'd be delighted to get a version of vDOS that did have LFN support. Josschaars seems to feel that if it wasn't present in real DOS, he won't add it to vDOS. Given that vDOS is intended to allow use of DOS apps on 64 bit Windows platforms, a little more support for the underlying platform like ability use use LFNs would be a boon.

One of the things I have installed in Windows is Schinagl's freeware Link File Extension. NTFS5 supports Unix hard links and symlinks, though the functionality isn't exposed by default. LFE adds context menu support in Windows Explorer for choosing a link source, and creating a hard link or symlink to it. I could probably create symlinks in DOS 8+3 file name format to desired files with long names, but that's more trouble than I want to go through unless I have no other choice.

I haven't looked at the DOSBOX or vDOS code yet, but it sounds like your patch might be applicable. If you do it, please let me know.


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