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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 18.10.2014, 04:25

> >
> > and that vDOS is a fork of DOSBox, it may not be very difficult to port
> > LFN-related code from DOSBox to vDOS, so that vDOS would support LFN as
> > well, similar to a real DOS environment with DOSLFN loaded.
> (note that lfn mode also allows e.g. forward slashes, the use of * instead
> of *.* and several other relaxations of path rules etc)

I used to do that under MSDOS. I ran the MKS Toolkit, a package of DOS versions of pretty much all the Unix utilities that made sense in the single tasking DOS environment. The selling point for me was a remarkably complete version of the Korn shell, with everything asynchronous background processes. The Toolkit came with a SWITCH utility that let you change the DOS option delimiter char from / to - to use Unix style options. A side effect was letting you use either \ or / in path names.

Not all DOS apps could deal with it, so when I used the Korn shell, I had some wrapper functions that reset things to DOS style before running a non-conforming app, and put things back to Unix style when the app exited.

I encountered similar issues running Cygwin under Windows, as the Cygwin environment imposed *nix semantics when you were in it.

IIRC, Wang Laboratories once had an OEM version of DOS for their PCs that did things the *nix way, but I never got a chance to play with it.


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