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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 18.10.2014, 04:30

> > Any indication of why it crashed? (Offhand, I'd guess memory allocation
> > issues.)
> Hi Dennis! I have checked its source code. No, it is not because of memory
> allocation issues which led to its crash, but because that vDOS has removed
> some codes that originally existed in the source code of DOSBox (remember
> that vDOS is a fork of DOSBox), so that the code that handles this part of
> the JMP instruction no long exists in vDOS (that is why it works in DOSBox
> but not in vDOS). To fix it, we need to restore that piece of code in
> DOSBox back to vDOS.

I'd call that a vDOS bug. If you remove code that handles something, you should fail gracefully with an "unsupported operation" message if something tries to do that. You shouldn't crash and terminate the emulator.


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