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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 19.10.2014, 00:06
(edited by Wengier on 19.10.2014, 21:39)

> I haven't looked at the DOSBOX or vDOS code yet, but it sounds like your patch might be applicable. If you do it, please let me know.

I have examined the source code a bit. Indeed, my LFN patch for DOSBox is applicable to vDOS to some degree. But there are also differences between the source code of current versions of DOSBox and vDOS. One reason for the difference is that vDOS was probably not forked from the (SVN) version of DOSBox that my patch was based on, and the other reason is that the vDOS author had changed the structure of the source code a bit since the fork. Yet, it should be considered doable. To show this, I have uploaded a demo of vDOS build with some LFN support, which I added earlier today. It should however only be considered as a proof-of-concept build rather than a full-featured release with LFN support. Now DIR should list long file names, but other commands probably won't work with LFN yet. LFN support can also be turned off by setting LFN=OFF in CONFIG.TXT (it is turned on by default). I will only work on it further when I have time. Thanks for your understanding.

Download link for this demo (EXE + required DLLs, zipped):


Latest version with all required DLLs, zipped:


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