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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 19.10.2014, 03:44

I just had to back off on a new vDOS release. vDOS released Version 2014.10.17 yesterday. Changes are detailed in

One of the things I run with vDOS is an ancient DOS port of Unix Larn, a D&D style game similar to Nethack. It draws a map using ASCII characters. By default, movement commands use vi style hjkl keystrokes, but keypad arrow keys are optionally supported. It needs an ANSI driver, and requires a TERMCAP entry.

I had to change the TERMCAP file for the earlier release. I load Tom Almy's as the ANSI driver. Like Dan Kegel's NANSI.SYS on which it's based, nnansi adds support for VT-102 add line and delete line sequences which aren't in DOS ANSI.SYS. I had to remove those entries from TERMCAP because vDOS wasn't correctly handling them, and messages weren't properly appearing on the status line.

The new version hoses cursor movement. The cursor stays on the bottom line of the screen and cannot move up and down. It doesn't matter whether vi movement commands or cursor keys are used. It worked correctly in the previous version and neither nnansi nor TERMCAP were changed.

The change log talks about simplifying video routines a bit, but I suspect they've been simplified too much.


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