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Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 24.10.2014, 00:30

> Below is a short (and probably incomplete)
> list of features that I have found out that Enhanced DOSKEY supports
> (for Tab completion) whereas CMDEDIT does not:
> 1. Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 support DBCS (double-byte character set), whereas
> CMDEDIT does not;

Dare I ask the obvious, but are you able to test such things? Most of us apparently cannot. Hence why I'm pretty sure (among other reasons) that FreeDOS does not currently (properly? if at all?) support DBCS languages (which? CJK?).

> 5. Enhanced DOSKEY will complete command or file names into the actual
> names saved on the disk, but CMDEDIT always changes everything to lower
> case.

Again, isn't this related to FUCASE in the kernel (and supporting files)? Does that even work on MS-DOS 7? And does this mean that (LFN) filecase isn't being preserved properly for your preferred language without this feature?

> So if you need any of above (and perhaps more) features for Tab completion,
> it may be a good idea to use Enhanced DOSKEY instead of CMDEDIT. Also
> thanks a lot for your suggestion!

To be honest, I haven't tried this tool. Mostly because I'm not even sure it would work with FreeDOS' FreeCOM. In years back, I always used Toddy (by Wolfware ASM / WASM author) on DR-DOS. When I switched to FreeDOS on a newer machine, it didn't work properly, and I was too lazy (eh?) to recompile FreeCOM with history disabled just to hope it would work okay. 4DOS has its own history, but I very seldomly test there, even if it is installed (and easily available in CONFIG.SYS menu).

You also forgot to mention that this DOSKEY 2.5 assembles (also) with JWasm and is GPL! (But CMDEDIT comes from PC Magazine, which is more or less verboten in licensing.) So I could actually mirror this to iBiblio for FreeDOS, if you want. But I'm not sure of a good subdirectory to put it in. (I don't even remember what Toddy's license is, but it has sources.) And I hate the fact that FreeCOM makes this more difficult to use. Sigh, but there's no maintainer to officially fix it, and I'm just not really qualified.

Okay, sorry if this isn't a super useful message, I just felt like I had to say it anyways. :-P


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