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Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 (Announce)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 24.10.2014, 01:01

Hi Rugxulo! Thanks for your message! Your message is certainly valuable and I appreciate it.

> > 1. Enhanced DOSKEY 2.5 support DBCS (double-byte character set), whereas
> > CMDEDIT does not;
> Dare I ask the obvious, but are you able to test such things? Most of us
> apparently cannot. Hence why I'm pretty sure (among other reasons) that
> FreeDOS does not currently (properly? if at all?) support DBCS languages
> (which? CJK?).

Yes, since I can speak Chinese natively, and also have some basic understanding of the Japanese script (both are DBCS languages). In fact I have put many hours of effort to make Enhanced DOSKEY's DBCS work on actual Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) DOS/Win9x systems. FreeDOS, of course, does not support DBCS natively. However, like MS-DOS, there are third-party DOS tools available in order to display DBCS characters in DOS.

> > 5. Enhanced DOSKEY will complete command or file names into the actual
> > names saved on the disk, but CMDEDIT always changes everything to lower
> > case.
> Again, isn't this related to FUCASE in the kernel (and supporting files)?
> Does that even work on MS-DOS 7? And does this mean that (LFN) filecase
> isn't being preserved properly for your preferred language without this
> feature?

The LFN feature is, of course, requires the existence of LFN API. Win9x or DOSLFN for example provide such APIs (Int21/AX=71xx). What I meant in my original post is that Enhanced DOSKEY will use the actual names provided by the API (which in turn reflect the actual names saved on the disk) , but CMDEDIT will forcely change everything to lower case without any options to prevent this.

> To be honest, I haven't tried this tool. Mostly because I'm not even sure
> it would work with FreeDOS' FreeCOM. In years back, I always used Toddy (by
> Wolfware ASM / WASM author) on DR-DOS. When I switched to FreeDOS on a
> newer machine, it didn't work properly, and I was too lazy (eh?) to
> recompile FreeCOM with history disabled just to hope it would work okay.
> 4DOS has its own history, but I very seldomly test there, even if it is
> installed (and easily available in CONFIG.SYS menu).

Unfortunately, it indeed will not work with FreeDOS's FreeCOM, since FreeCOM's built-in DOSKEY will take over the job. There is currently no way to turn its built-in DOSKEY off (unless probably making a patch by ourselves). That is why I have not even tried to actually mirror this Enhanced DOSKEY to iBiblio for FreeDOS.

But of course, you are right that Enhanced DOSKEY is GPL, which is a great bonus by itself.


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