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HX updated :-) (for BOCHS 2.6.7) (DOSX)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 26.10.2014, 20:19

> > Well, at least his website seems to be back up and running, for now.

> Nope, down again, at least for me for the past few days. I have no idea.
> Very frustrating.

Last email interaction I had with Japheth, he wrote he was no longer
able to update or work on HX due to changes in his real world life.
Twas some moths back already, I think I reported on this briefly.

I don't want to make assumptions, but at the time I got a bad feeling
about the unstated upcoming changes. Again I will not speculate,
and I do hope Japheth is doing fine and just got new, exciting, interests.
But t'is my inner feeling we won't be hearing from him for a long time, if ever.



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