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FREE-Baysic & FREE-Pascal (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 01.11.2014, 20:22

> FreeBasic 1.0 is out :-D (maybe broken, I'll test)

According to the forum thread New DOS Ver 1.00.0 from a month ago, it is buggy due to some backslash path mixup. There are Git builds if you want to try newer snapshots (but I haven't personally):

A very minimal test in raw native FreeDOS shows it seems to work fine, at least for simple stuff. Except if I mistakenly try to enable LFNs via DOSLFN, then it chokes.

BTW, not as criticism, but just as commentary, here's some details: = 6,523,010 bytes packed = 1630 files = 17,371,513 bytes unpacked. Of those files, 937 (807,141 bytes) are .bas examples, 3 are runtime *.o (10,877 bytes), 9 are *.a (3,848,234 bytes), and 6 are .EXE (9,483,264 bytes with GDB.EXE taking up half of that).

I also compiled "Hello, world!" with fb, fblite, and qb dialects. Same size for all: 89,088 bytes (or 47,232 UPX'd). As a very simple comparison, when I compiled my Befunge-93 interpreter (ultra simple, thus console only), with only truly minimal changes, it was ("fb") 202,240 bytes (89,244), ("fblite") 142,336 (72,276), and ("qb") 180,736 (89,136).


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