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C's system() & COMMAND.COM (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 01.11.2014, 23:48

> says at the bottom below that same text:
> "These contradictions should be cleared, because they prevent e.g. making
> 4DOS a Sourceforge project."
> If I were a lawyer or sought to extract profit from 4DOS, it would be a big
> red flag for me. IMO, if anyone cares, the license should be changed to
> remove said contradictions.

I'm very pessimistic about re-licensing things, but it does happen sometimes (see Moria).

The only one who can change the license is the current copyright holder, which AFAIK is Rex Conn (or maybe someone similar with legal authority from JP Software). I don't know his current email address offhand, so you may just have to directly contact them at .

4DOS7501.ZIP's README.TXT is a completely different to 4DOS800.ZIP's LICENSE.TXT . The latter doesn't mention FreeDOS nor Rex Conn directly at all anymore. AFAIK, only the copyright holder can complain or clarify such a license (unless you consult a lawyer).

P.S. Keep in mind that you still need "non-free tools" just to build it. And if free/libre Linux users refuse to use even OpenWatcom (OSI), they're probably not going to touch old MSVC 1.52 with a ten foot pole. I doubt it's easy to port. I do think improving FreeCOM (far from perfect) is a better goal, at least in theory. No, I don't actually expect you to do anything here, just weakly trying to clarify in what little way I can (though I'm no lawyer).


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