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C's system() & COMMAND.COM (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 02.11.2014, 00:29

> > says at the bottom below that same
> text:
> >
> > "These contradictions should be cleared, because they prevent e.g.
> making
> > 4DOS a Sourceforge project."
> >
> > If I were a lawyer or sought to extract profit from 4DOS, it would be a
> big
> > red flag for me. IMO, if anyone cares, the license should be changed to
> > remove said contradictions.

I forgot to mention. Don't quote me, I'm not any authority on the matter, but I think the original intention was to keep 4DOS strictly to DOS (and not Windows, e.g. NT, where 4NT was/is still commercially sold). I even vaguely remember hearing that "4DOS might be open sourced once it diverges enough from 4OS2" or such. So I think the intent was to not directly compete against existing products, not so much the intent to arbitrarily prevent use on various DOS flavors. But you'll have to ask the copyright holder for further clarity.


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