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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 04.11.2014, 21:42
(edited by Wengier on 04.11.2014, 22:03)

> It compiles but it's buggy. Right click mouse select works, but the text
> doesn't get transfered to the clipboard. Also, DosBox's "dir" command shows
> lfns, but file names seem to be case sensitive when using cd. Doszip
> commander crashes after trying to navigate out of the directory where it
> was started.
> I linked it with SDL port of PDCurses as I supposed that what you did (had
> to edit a makefile or two to add the appropriate LDFLAGS).
> Have you tried compiling it on any Linux? Did you have any success?

I did compile and run it in Fedora 20 within VMware Workstation 10. The only problem I found so far is that with SDL port of PDCurses the copy/paste only works inside DOSBox, but not outside DOSBox, since the "clipboard" it uses is independent of the Linux or X11 clipboard. The Windows port of PDCurses does not have this problem however (I also found a solution for MacOS X system too). Have you tried the X11 port of PDCurses?

Apart from the above known issue, I have not been able to reproduce the other problems that you described. I have confirmed during my testing that DOSBox's CD command is case insensitive even running in Linux. Also Doszip commander (3.31) did not crash after trying to navigate out of the directory where it started in my testing. Maybe some source files used in your compilation are incorrect?


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