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ReactOS 0.3.17 alpha (Emulation)

posted by roytam(R), 07.11.2014, 05:01

> > > Changes: "A major new feature for this release is the inclusion of
> > > NTVDM,
> Not yet much usable. No DPMI or VGA/VESA emulation. Has problems with full
> screen apps. I tested a 16 bit version of vim, Robert's patched fed and MS
> Word 5.5 installer. Haven't had luck with either. First had problem with
> starting full screen, second required a dpmi host and the third crashed
> before even starting the install. Also, there is no way to change ntvdm
> settings, no pif files or right click ntvdm properties.
> But I guess this would work with simple command line apps (although it's
> much better to use win32 versions if they exist).
> Well, it's a start. :-)

Some old graphics .com games works.
And since they're working on protected mode and FPU (i.e. CPU side), DOS APIs and peripherals like keyboard and mouse don't have much priority ATM.


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