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NKVDM (Emulation)

posted by bocke(R), 07.11.2014, 09:15

> That is quite true. The primary reason I am interested in ReactOS's NTVDM
> is that there is no NTVDM in 64-bit versions of Windows any more so that I
> need a replacement to run under Windows x64 (which is the main system I am
> using). But as RayeR said we may have to wait until Year 2100 that it
> finally includes a fully working NTVDM. DOSBox is probably still the best
> solution so far on such systems.

There is also NKVDM project. But it's still in development, too.

> As far as we know, Microsoft Windows no longer supports 16-bit MS-DOS
> application and they removed NTVDM, since virtual 8086 mode is not
> available under amd64 extended mode. This project aimed at building a
> virtual dos machine for 64-bit Windows...

You'll find the complete text on the project's github and sourceforge repositories:

I think I have tried it some time ago, but don't remember the impressions.


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