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NKVDM (Emulation)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 08.11.2014, 03:18
(edited by Wengier on 08.11.2014, 03:32)

> > > That is quite true. The primary reason I am interested in ReactOS's
> > > is that there is no NTVDM in 64-bit versions of Windows any more so
> that
> > I
> > > need a replacement to run under Windows x64 (which is the main system
> I
> > am
> > > using). But as RayeR said we may have to wait until Year 2100 that it
> > > finally includes a fully working NTVDM. DOSBox is probably still the
> > best
> > > solution so far on such systems.
> >
> > There is also NKVDM project. But it's still in development, too.
> Thanks. But even worse, there is no binary available at all. We have to
> compile from the source code ourselves (I'm going to try that).

Not yet much usable either. I was able to compile both NKVDM and NXVM. But NKVDM's doc on how to actually use it seems to completely blank. Simply running it is simply not functional. I can get some result with NXVM though, and its emulation also seems to be better than ReactOS's NTVDM (I can at least get DOS 7's EDIT to work for instance), but overall it is still quite unstable and is certainly FAR behind Win2K's NTVDM for example. Obviously it can't be put into real use yet.


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