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FREE-Baysic & FREE-Pascal (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.11.2014, 01:10

> > According to the forum thread it is buggy due to some backslash path
> The DOS version still works in DOS (EDR-DOS or FreeDOS), but the Win32
> version stopped working on ME !!!

What broke, the installer? Or FBC.EXE won't even run/compile anymore? What about "-gen gcc"?

What functionality did you use it for before? Win32-specific stuff that isn't similarly supported in the DOS version? "Just use DJGPP!" :-D :-P

I would probably consider this a bug, but considering that (for years, 2006+) developers (and associated compiler tools) have long abandoned Win9x and even XP (also EOL'd), there's very little chance of anyone caring enough to fix this for you. (Nor me, but mostly because I'm clueless about Windows.)

P.S. I need to (re)test latest DOS snapshot (Nov. 7), but I doubt much changed in sizes. Also, I might've incorrectly reported size for "fblite", not that it really matters. BTW, this thread is way too long as it is, so it should probably be split off when something like FBC 1.0.1 comes out. Oh, BTW, interesting exercise ... does Win32 version run under latest ReactOS?


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