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VIRUS 2.6.7 is out - 2014-Nov-02 (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 11.11.2014, 19:52

>> Uh the "Avira antivirus" went mad about the download Bochs-2.6.7.exe
>> saying it is or contains "TR/Dropper.Gen"! I'd like second advices !

@Rugxulo wrote :
> Did you forget that most antiviruses have tons of false positives due to bad heuristics?

I didn't, that's why I asked for second opinions !
Although rare, an infection affecting Sourceforge's approved download centers is not totally out of the question, imho.

@DOS386 wrote :
> Delete Avira ;-)

Why would I ? It is non obnoxious and it is very very infrequently flagging downloads that I do.

> virii[/url]
> PPS: virii

Nope, that is an urban legend. /Virus/ is a latin word belonging to gender "neutral" and without a plural (in latin). If its plural existed, it woud NOT resemble viri, nor virii ! Ergo, in English, we should write viruses.

@Both :
Now please, have you downloaded the windows prebuilt executable in question ? If you have, has it matched the size and MD5 which I posted ?



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