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VIRUS 2.6.7 is out - 2014-Nov-02 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.11.2014, 01:28

> @Rugxulo wrote :
> > Did you forget that most antiviruses have tons of false positives due to
> bad heuristics?
> I didn't, that's why I asked for second opinions ! gives a better answer than we ever could. I don't know nearly enough (practically nil) about Win32/installers/.DLLs/APIs.

> Although rare, an infection affecting Sourceforge's approved download
> centers is not totally out of the question, imho.

You'd have to personally ask BOCHS devs or SF admins whether they scan stuff in advance before offering it for download.

If really worried, grab sources, compile it yourself, and re-scan it.

But actually, don't. Just from my own limited experience, many many compilers' output mistakenly gets flagged. It's really annoying, but there is no good solution.

The "only" (tm) solutions are:

1). Constantly (x 11, eat roast beef) send false positives to AV makers (and/or disable heuristics entirely and/or locally whitelist any specific programs and/or disable realtime scanning entirely).
2). Only download/install stuff for Windows under VMware/VBox/Hyper-V.
3). Don't use AVs at all. Reformat/reinstall when needed.
4). Just use Linux/OS X/etc.

> @DOS386 wrote :
> > Delete Avira ;-)
> Why would I ? It is non obnoxious and it is very very infrequently flagging
> downloads that I do.

I'm just unlucky by birth, I guess, stuff always breaks for me. Months back, even Avira stopped working/updating, and I couldn't even successfully reinstall. So I switched to Avast. And yes I still get false positives from time to time, usually whenever I try to compile something ultra trivial with an obscure compiler.

> > virii[/url]
> > PPS: virii
> Nope, that is an urban legend. /Virus/ is a latin word belonging to gender
> "neutral" and without a plural (in latin). If its plural existed, it woud
> NOT resemble viri, nor virii ! Ergo, in English, we should write viruses.

Lingua latina, which is derided more widely than DOS! Yes, I took that in high school, I liked ancient things even then. Don't forget that "agricola" is "m." but "virtus" (manliness, courage) is "f."!

> @Both :
> Now please, have you downloaded the windows prebuilt executable in question
> ? If you have, has it matched the size and MD5 which I posted ?

Yes, it was the same, see my quote from PuppyLinux above.


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