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BOCHS 2.6.7 is out - 2014-Nov-02 (Announce)

posted by DOS386(R), 12.11.2014, 09:08

> > Delete Avira ;-)
> Why would I ?

# Avira doesn't work in DOS
# not a single virus (less than 15 years old) works in DOS
# a good DOSser knows how to use a PC
# a good DOSser knows what's going on eir system, a virus has no chance to hide
# a good DOSser downloads stuff only from trusted pages and authors that don't contain virii
# false positives

> If you have, has it matched the size and MD5 which I posted ?


"Bochs-2.6.7.exe" 4'988'462 | Installer

"bochs.exe" 3'509'248 2014-11-02 08:29 | 2.6.7 main EXE

> (email): "The file 'Bochs-2.6.7.exe' has been determined to be
> 'FALSE POSITIVE'. In particular this means that this file
> is not malicious but a false alarm.

Thanks, but I always had known this. I don't need the monstrous "virus detection" crap.

> You'd have to personally ask BOCHS devs or SF admins
> whether they scan stuff in advance before offering it for download.

I would NOT do this.

> If really worried, grab sources, compile it yourself, and re-scan it.

Virus distributed as source code? Virus distributed inside compiler library?

> It's really annoying


> but there is no good solution.

There is: delete Avira & Co :-)

> The "only" (tm) solutions are:
> 1). Constantly (x 11, eat roast beef) send false positives to AV makers

No need.

> 2). Only download/install stuff for Windows under VMware/VBox/Hyper-V

No need.

3). Don't use AVs at all. Reformat/reinstall when needed.

YES :-) Use DOS :-)

4). Just use Linux/OS X/etc.

If everybody uses Linux one day, everybody will have virii one day - security of minority ;-) (PS: Linux can't get faked)

> And yes I still get false positives from time to time, usually
> whenever I try to compile something ultra trivial with an obscure compiler.

Does this happen in DOS too?

> Nope, that is an urban legend. /Virus/ is a latin word

OK, BOCHS is full of virae and viroa

Test results ... what's new in 2.6.7:

# it doesn't work anymore
# increased bloat of main EXE
# compiled for SSE2 or higher (maybe this is the chief reason why it doesn't work and crashes on a fancy MOVNTQ-like instruction)

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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