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BOCHS 2.6.7 is out - 2014-Nov-02 (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 12.11.2014, 10:16

>>> Delete Avira ;-)
>> Why would I ?
> # Avira doesn't work in DOS

Not a reason to call Avira names : there is not a single antivirus product (with updated threat database) for DOS anymore. F-Prot was (probably) the last one to yield, and it's been many years now since it quit the DOS scene.

> # not a single virus (less than 15 years old) works in DOS
> # a good DOSser knows how to use a PC
> # a good DOSser knows what's going on eir system, a virus has no chance to
> hide

Hardly anybody uses DOS _exclusively_ (do you ?)
In actual fact nowadays, hardly anyone uses DOS intensively ( as _we_ both do).

> # a good DOSser downloads stuff only from trusted pages and authors that
> don't contain virii

You'll have your wings burnt someday by adhering to this credence. Even assuming the software authors, and their hosting sites, are trustworthy, you can't rule out compromised sites - the more so as scripting is so pervasive nowadays it is often difficult to download using only plain HTML or FTP, etc.

> # false positives
False positives are much less annoying than false negatives !

>> If you have, has it matched the size and MD5 which I posted ?

Danke sehr !

> ... I don't need the monstrous "virus
> detection" crap.

With that attitude, you'll be burnt eventually, imho. While virus detection is far from perfect - rather, I concede, near to imperfect - it's still useful precaution, in a dangerous virtual world full of malicious script injection and other attacks.

>> You'd have to personally ask BOCHS devs or SF admins
>> whether they scan stuff in advance before offering it for download.
> I would NOT do this.

Even though a file could have been checked by their authors prior to uploading it, still subsequent downloads could be compromised if the site was victim of some type of attacks.

>> If really worried, grab sources, compile it yourself, and re-scan it.

I like to have the "official" compiles provided by the Bochs team, for reference and in order to do reports. I do compile personal, lighter & faster versions lacking the features I don't usually need (AMD64, e.g.). However :

> # compiled for SSE2 or higher (maybe this is the chief reason why it
> doesn't work and crashes on a fancy MOVNTQ-like instruction)

Awww ! If this is the case, the official build is no use here :=)



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