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ReactOS 0.3.17 alpha (Emulation)

posted by roytam(R), 18.11.2014, 04:22

> > > > Changes: "A major new feature for this release is the inclusion of
> > > > NTVDM,
> >
> > Not yet much usable. No DPMI or VGA/VESA emulation. Has problems with
> full
> > screen apps. I tested a 16 bit version of vim, Robert's patched fed and
> MS
> > Word 5.5 installer. Haven't had luck with either. First had problem with
> > starting full screen, second required a dpmi host and the third crashed
> > before even starting the install. Also, there is no way to change ntvdm
> > settings, no pif files or right click ntvdm properties.
> >
> > But I guess this would work with simple command line apps (although it's
> > much better to use win32 versions if they exist).
> >
> > Well, it's a start. :-)
> That is quite true. The primary reason I am interested in ReactOS's NTVDM
> is that there is no NTVDM in 64-bit versions of Windows any more so that I
> need a replacement to run under Windows x64 (which is the main system I am
> using). But as RayeR said we may have to wait until Year 2100 that it
> finally includes a fully working NTVDM. DOSBox is probably still the best
> solution so far on such systems.

According to , ReactOS NTVDM has its own VS project now. But you still have to use RosBE to checkout whole ReactOS trunk source and generate VS project files.


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