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NTVDM (Emulation)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 23.11.2014, 22:21

> > On November 5, 2014, ReactOS 0.3.17 (alpha) was released.
> > Live CD
> Does it work for you?

Sorry, I only tested under VirtualBox. Like I said, it's not totally stable overall but good enough to play around with, esp. Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs) and (Program Files) Internet Explorer ("WINE Gecko").

The NTVDM part wasn't very functional but some very simple stuff worked (e.g. PSR Invaders, albeit without sound) although had some bugs with screen clearing and not much shell functionality (no pipes for DOS yet).

Like I said, the "ReactOS Applications Manager" has some interesting stuff since default is pretty bare bones. E.g. (Tools) 7-Zip and (Internet & Network) Firefox are fairly crucial, I'd say, if you intend to actually test anything.

I'm not normally big on relying on Win32 apps. Well, I'm no professional, so I don't have to, but the few I was able to download worked okay (r4 Rexx, Oxford Oberon, csed, awk95, FASM, NASM, Info-Zip). Even FPC's nightly ppcross8086 seemed to work, but I didn't test very heavily.

Actually, (Other) has Bochs and DOSBox, and (Development) has FreeBASIC and Lazarus, so that's interesting as well, although I didn't test them.


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