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BOCHS 2.6.7 is out - 2014-Nov-02 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 23.11.2014, 22:47

> > # compiled for SSE2 or higher (maybe this is the chief reason why it
> > doesn't work and crashes on a fancy MOVNTQ-like instruction)
> Awww ! If this is the case, the official build is no use here :=)

The only sources besides .tar.gz or .src.rpm are apparently IIRC, latest MSVC (not that I tried) enables SSE2 by default these days (though maybe you can disable that??). Presumably they think everyone has a new enough machine since Pentium 4 (2000) and Athlon64 (2003). What cpu are you using: PIII? Athlon XP? (Even antiX Mepis Linux 13.x says this: "32-bit edition uses older Flash for PII/PIII processors".)


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