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QuickView PCI sound driver! (Announce)

posted by Wengier(R) E-mail, 26.11.2014, 05:17

> > Wow, I'm very pleasured that there appeared new sound driver PCI.SDR fo
> QV
> > by Ruslan Starodubov (14 November 2014) that plays nice on my SB Audigy2
> > (EMU 10k2) and also on NTB with Analog Devices/ICH4 AC'97 :-)
> >
> > He also have on his site modified ZDoom and Timidity with extendend
> sound
> > support
> >
> > :hungry:
> I'm also stupendously happy with the new soundcard support! Quickview
> worked very well with my little netbook with Realtech onboard sound. It
> also is much faster on this little processor (Intel Atom 1.6 OC to 1.93
> Ghz). Quickview plays .MP4 files with full sound at 640x480 while the
> MPLAYER DOS port struggles to play the same mpeg4 files at 480x360
> resolution (with sound) and no dropped frames.
> And, thanks for the info about Starodubov URL. I can now play classic Doom
> in DOS with sound on this same Acer AOA250 netbook, which has been running
> very well indeed as my tricked out DOS system... Also .MIDI files with the
> 8mb wavetable files! Wow, it's almost 2015 and DOS is thriving and living
> strong!
> I shall write Mr. Hesseler and inquire about how to get a version of
> Quickview v2.60 compressed more efficiently with UPX --lzma --ultra-brute.
> Perhaps he will reply, I hope so.

Yes, it is amazing that QV now actually works with several AC97 or even HDA sound cards. It will be even better if it can play .RMVB videos too (and I have a bunch of such files).


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