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NKVD (Emulation)

posted by bocke(R), 27.11.2014, 12:37

> So you got a luck that your country was not invaded by Soviet and Warsaz
> pact armies to "normalize" situation and enforce the right socialism by
> strict Moscow rules. There was uprising in 1956 in Hungary and was
> supressed. In our Czechoslovakia there started liberal reforms in '60-ties
> that was resulted in Soviet and Warsaz pact armies internation "help" to
> setup back the hard socialism. And part of soviet army kept occupation over
> next 2 decades if something would go "wrong"...
> But in Yugoslavia it was not also very liberal, I would say totalitarian
> and socialist too otherwise we could not travel to Yugoslavia so easy (here
> it was quite impossible to travel to West Germany or Austria without
> special permission). I was in Yugoslavia in 1986 on vacation. I also
> remember there was then some economy crisis in late 80-ties with huge
> inflation (I got some banknote with value maybe 1000000 dinars and you
> cannot buy nothing for it) so neither your independent socialism plan was
> successfull...

I'm too young to remember all this stuff. :) But I have some knowledge on the subject because I'm generally interested in the history. But we are already offtopic. ;)

Although it is an interesting discussion and I did prepare a long answer but changed my mind and erased it. :)

Short answer: yeah 80-ies were problematic (Tito died in the 1980., the country was in debt, etc), but people say 60s and 70s were mostly great.


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