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NTVDM (Emulation)

posted by bocke(R), 27.11.2014, 12:52

> Like I said, the "ReactOS Applications Manager" has some interesting stuff
> since default is pretty bare bones. E.g. (Tools) 7-Zip and (Internet &
> Network) Firefox are fairly crucial, I'd say, if you intend to actually
> test anything.

I am afraid those can be pretty buggy. An earlier version of Firefox might work better (3.6.x?).

But, I'm more bothered with non working "back"/"forward" buttons in the explorer and the desktop that refreshes once per logon. They keep talking about the "new explorer", but I don't see even those basic things fixed.

Although I noticed their CMD (win32) got in much better shape several months/year ago. It used to be much buggier before. Now it's pretty usable.

So something is moving, but it's really slow. I guess most of the changes currently are under the hood.

> Actually, (Other) has Bochs and DOSBox, and (Development) has FreeBASIC and
> Lazarus, so that's interesting as well, although I didn't test them.

I think Dosbox used to work. I don't know for the others.

For me, ReactOS is more of the curiosity. I first found out about project 8-9 years ago. I can't say it didn't improve, but it's still very obviously alpha quality. Although they did have that big code refactoring few years ago. That set them back a little.


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