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QuickView PCI sound driver! (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 03.12.2014, 23:35

> > BTW are you the same roytam as
> >
> here?
> > I'm Interested in PAE patching XP SP3 Pro CZ :)
> yeah :)
> but beware that some drivers won't work correctly with patched kernel (for
> example, daemon tools CD-Audio grabbing capability will be lost)

Do you have a list of such drivers that won't work with the > 4GB patch? I have a system with 32 GB and would love to try the patch! Also, I think I saw that you had an archive of the already-patched files, but is this still available anywhere to make the process as easy as possible? I'm on a US-based XPSP3 system. Will we still be able to access 3 GB per process with the patch with the /3gb and /pae switches in Boot.ini, or is it limited to 2 GB per process? And, I understand that double-buffering will be enabled in all cases on such a patched kernel?

I appreciate your expertese on this! Sorry to hijack the thread.


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