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XP PAE fix (Announce)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 04.12.2014, 00:21

> yeah :)
> but beware that some drivers won't work correctly with patched kernel (for
> example, daemon tools CD-Audio grabbing capability will be lost)

I did read the whole thread but I'm a bit confused. There are described different patching methods, most important about the hal.dll. One case is to use modified from SP1 and other use modified from SP3. Also some patches fix one location in file and other fix more different places. There's also copying some drivers from W2k3 server to XP to fix some issues esp. with USB and camera.
I understand that problem can be divided in patching the OS and fixing/replacing the drivers. Both is important. But if I enforce double buffering for all drivers it should mean that all drivers will use only 32b phys. addr. (e.g. for DMA) and there shouldn't be crashes, just lowered performance. Is it true that with this kind of patch there's no problems? And which is it? In other case driver will use 36b (or 64b?) phys. addr. and those that are not ready to handle it may crash if copying over 4GB.

So what I did: for a quick test I goodled the XP64G.exe 2.0 (do you have 3.0 or 3.1?) - it's pretty easy to use. Just one click and it patched kernel and hal files (hm looks it found right offset in my localized Czech XP SP3) and added menu entry to boot.ini. I did some testing this evening. I also got Tom2D_Ru.exe benchmark and found a paradox that I got a better direct GDI result with PAE enabled (buffered is same as noPAE), see:
Do you have english version of Tom2D? I cannot download it from Tom's HW site and there's no alternative links. As I tested copying to USB flash, sound and network works. But I got a crash (restart, no BSOD) when I run browser, winamp, file manager and opened BlazeDTV for old PCI DVB tuner card, probably driver is too old to count with PAE. But second time I couldn't reproduce the crash even if I loaded RAM and CPU very hard (tuner worked). BTW is there some way to determine if driver is PAE compatible - eg. constains some kernel call that older drivers don't have? I'll continue testing.

Just for completness here's changes in files done by chinese XP64G.exe 2.0

Comparing files: NTKRNLPA.EXE <-> ntkl64g.exe
FFC ERROR at offset 312 (138h): 17h <-> 16h
FFC ERROR at offset 313 (139h): 34h <-> 33h (4 <-> 3)
FFC ERROR at offset 1437466 (15EF1Ah): 75h <-> 74h (u <-> t)
FFC ERROR at offset 1784401 (1B3A51h): 75h <-> 74h (u <-> t)
FFC found 4 ERRORS

Comparing files: HAL.DLL <-> hal64g.dll
FFC ERROR at offset 320 (140h): E7h <-> A7h (? <-> ?)
FFC ERROR at offset 321 (141h): F2h <-> CBh (? <-> -)
FFC ERROR at offset 96275 (17813h): 74h <-> EBh (t <-> U)
FFC ERROR at offset 122111 (1DCFFh): 10h <-> 30h
FFC ERROR at offset 122113 (1DD01h): 00h <-> FFh
FFC ERROR at offset 122114 (1DD02h): 00h <-> FFh
FFC ERROR at offset 122115 (1DD03h): 00h <-> FFh
FFC ERROR at offset 122116 (1DD04h): 01h <-> FFh
FFC ERROR at offset 122124 (1DD0Ch): 40h <-> 00h
FFC ERROR at offset 122125 (1DD0Dh): 00h <-> 40h
FFC ERROR at offset 122131 (1DD13h): 01h <-> 03h
FFC found 11 ERRORS

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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