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XP PAE fix (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 04.12.2014, 08:26

> > Technical details:
> >
> Yes I readed this. If I understand well, his patch always use double
> buffering even for 64b capable drivers. So this should solve all
> incompatability and everything should work, isnt?

Yes in theory. But it knew vendors can make bad drivers to break that. ;)

> > I haven't tried XP64G since I don't trust patches that come from China
> and
> > I patched file by myself with 16Edit.
> I understand. But think about what backdoors might left M$ in windows on
> NSA request :) I cannot tell if it hasn't some side effect but I can easily
> restore my whole XP installation and copy there only those 2 patched files.
> From comparison it differs only a bit so it doesn't look like trojan was
> installed in patched files :)

I can't trust the patcher but I can trust what the changes applied to files.

> > Go and get it ;)
> >
> Thanks.
> > if you have crash minidump, you may use nirsoft BlueScreenView to check
> > which driver is in fault.
> No, there was not BSOD neither minidump. Simply machine stopped responding
> for 1sec while last few samples from DMA buffer was played by soundcard
> followed by immediate reboot. It freezed so hard - no disk access to save
> dump.
> > but from my memory, Realtek drivers are easy to crash in such
> environment.
> I use RTENICXP.SYS 5.776.1111.2010 from 12.11.2010 for my onboard
> RTL8111D.
> PCI Tuner probably use FLYPCI.SYS from 10.10.2003, much older, probably
> nobody cared about PAE there.

Realtek HDAudio driver can also crash the system (but I mainly get BSoD from RTENICXP.SYS with whatever version)


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