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XP PAE fix (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 04.12.2014, 13:00

> > Yes in theory. But it knew vendors can make bad drivers to break that.
> ;)
> But how can this drivers break system when they are allowed to operate only
> with 32b address? Could patched hal.dll SP1 work better than SP3?

SP1 hal.dll is correct and no further patching is needed.

> > I can't trust the patcher but I can trust what the changes applied to
> > files.
> I found also version 2.1b from 1.5.2013 that also includes usbport.sys and
> usbhub.sys 5.2.3790.3959 eng. probably from w2k3 server as it was suggested
> on forum. I'll check if it patch same bytes as 2.0.

I'd rather replace whole usb*.sys with Win2003R2 SP2.

> > Realtek HDAudio driver can also crash the system (but I mainly get BSoD
> > from RTENICXP.SYS with whatever version)
> I don't use onboard HDA but PCI SB Audigy2 with alternative kX drivers. Can
> you push the system to BSOD by some sequence of operations or is it
> absolutely random? Does it depend on network load?

It may. For me it happens randomly when network has lots of connections (i.e. BT tasks are transferring)


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