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Orange C 5.20.1 (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 28.12.2014, 08:48

On 07 December 2014, Ladsoft released Orange C Compiler 5.20.1.



* Win32 setup package
* Zipped version of compiler executables
* Source code for compiler + RTL

Changes (from RELNOTES.DOC, excluding irrelevant ocide-only stuff):

version 5.20.1:
general: use fflush() liberally throughout to speed disk access
general: fix sources to compile with OPENWATCOM & MINGW compilers
general: switch to #include <sstream> instead of #include <strstream> when
possible (e.g. except when utilizing OPENWATCOM)
occ: defining the same typedef inside of multiple functions resulted in
an error
occ: rewrite inlining code to make it work better
occ: basic support for C++ (no debugging, may have some bugs)
occ: fix problem where using debug information while specifying multiple
files on the command line would crash the compiler
occ: fix problem where browse information would take exponential time due
to excess list traversal
occ: "array[*index++] ++;" would increment 'index' twice.
occ: don't expand inline functions when generating debug code
occ: typing "int a int b;" at the beginning of a function body
wouldn't result in an error in C99/C11/C++ mode
occ: conversion of integers to pointers and vice versa in a function argument
was allowed with a warning. Now it is an error.
occ: add make dependency generation similar to gnu C
occ: fix all the bugs in the string merging algorithm
dlpe/orc/ocide: fix problems where version information wouldn't be displayed in OS file details window
occ/ocide: allow looking at variables declared in for statements (c99)
occ/ocide: allow looking at variables declared in 'static' functions
occ/ocide: improve debugging of control statements
olink/ocide: fix debug type information
ogrep: when the -d option was used with an explicit filename, ogrep would complain 'file not found' in any directory that didn't have the file
orc: allow specifying extended font parameters on the DIALOGEX FONT line
orc: allow path specifications in file names
oasm: __db was considered same as 'db' and so forth...
omake: add support for common TREE builds
clib: fix _beginthreadex to return the thread id properly
clibs: add a #define for the more or less standard variable 'environ'
clibs: add a bunch of C++ templates and support functions
clibs: no longer distributing lscrtl.dll
examples: fix xmlview example


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