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links-2.9 (Announce)

posted by ron(R) Homepage E-mail, Australia, 30.12.2014, 22:49

> 1)I know ytcrack, that I used in arachne through the simply brilliant
> apm program from Glenn & Frank.
> The problem: in Links I cannot find a simple way to use
> ytcrack, both online and off line: in other words I am not
> able to create a batch to replicate the apm of arachne.
> Any suggestions?

As far as I can tell, there is no direct equivalent to Arachne's APM for Links.
But extracting and downloading vids from Youtube with Links is not difficult.

The way I do it is: download the youtube page as "watch.html".
Process that with ytcrack.exe, and then let Links see the output.

I will put together a package with instructions and the files required.
If you use it, you will need to create two subdirectories: download, plugins.
You will also need to edit Links configuration to point "downloads" at \download.

> 2)about google, in Arachne, in effect, eliminating the jv, the page
> appears,but it is not "usable" (I come redirected on
> "" which is probably full of "foreign elements").

I use an ad-on in Arachne called Googanon. (Google anonymiser)
It takes a Google page of links and turns them into direct links that Google doesn't see.
Otherwise, any links you click on will take you there, but via Google so they can record where you went.

Would that help ?

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Sna Keo Il


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