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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 07.01.2015, 18:25

And I've encountered a weird vDOS quirk.

One of the DOS apps I still have and use on occasion is an editor called G, by Jeremy Hall in the UK, dating from 1995. It uses the WordStar command set, and has an interesting design where it can be used as a full screen editor, or used as a filter in a pipe.

G is portable, with C source available, and Hall mentions it working on Solaris. The only executable I've found is a DOS version.

I like an 80 column screen with 50 lines, so my vDOS config.txt file has COLS = 80 and LINS = 50. I installed the FreeDOS mode command, and it reports I have an 80 column, 50 line screen in mode 3.

G invokes as though the screen was 25 lines regardless of what I do, so I get a 50 line screen where the top 25 lines are G and the rest is unused.

There's no place in G to set the screen size - it relies on what the OS tells it. It works as desired in an NTVDM window under WinXP, and uses the full defined 50 lines of the screen. I doesn't work under vDOS, and I haven't been able to get it to work as desired in DOSBOX either.

This is hardly a pressing issue, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but I'd love to know what's going on and why it's failing in vDOS.

G for DOS is here and C source is here if someone else wants to poke at it. The G manual is online here

I took a quick try at building the C source under Linux and failed. Have to take a shot under Windows and see what happens.)


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