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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 09.01.2015, 21:52

> > The DOS version (built with Watcom C) may be
> > using a BIOS call vDOS doesn't support.
> I think there's not much ways how to call videobios for setting the mode.
> So if other programs can set this 80x50 mode properly then I rather guess
> that G is not calling videobios at all.

Entirely possible. The DOS executable is built with Watcom C, and there's what appears to be a Watcom specific ASM module included in the source for DOS builds. It's the CRT unit, so I assume it's where DOS screen size is set. I have to look at it and see what it does.

As mentioned upthread, G behaves as desired in an NTVDM session under XP, so NTVDFM is doing something vDOS isn't.


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