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Fun with vDOS (Emulation)

posted by Dennis(R), 13.01.2015, 20:14

> > NTVDM doesn't exist in 64 bit Win 7. It's far more trouble than it's
> > worth to use Virtual Box or Qemu just for this. (Or MS's own VM with
> > an XPimage, for that matter.)
> Admittedly, they're Linux-oriented, but you can still download Windows
> binaries of QEMU from . I've used it lately, it
> works pretty good, and it can share host/guest files easily.

What part of "more trouble than it's worth" wasn't clear? :-)

A single ancient DOS program that is mostly investigated out of curiosity is not justification for that level of effort. I have too many ways to waste time as it is.

> > > BTW, it seems to work fine for me under DOSEMU + FreeDOS.
> >
> > Right now that's more trouble than I feel like taking.
> DOSEMU is not hard to install, even if your distro doesn't officially
> support it. You can even grab precompiled binaries from
> .

I have DOSBox under Linux, but not DOSEmu at the moment. I may look at it later.

Incidentally, the Linux binary of G you sent along seems to work, with quirks. (Thank you.) The first quirk was local - it wasn't running because it couldn't find a terminal description for XTerm. That was easy enough to fix. It was just a matter of putting a description file where it would be found by the system. The oddity is that it was necessary. A friend running a similar Linux install (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)did not need to do it.

Now it works, but cursor keys aren't recognized, and escape sequences insert into edited text. That's likely a description file issue.


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