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Looking for utility to patch MSVC11+ EXE to run under XP (Developers)

posted by roytam(R), 20.01.2015, 03:45

> Hi,
> maybe you are aware with this issue, I met this today when running some
> MSVC13 binary (ELA ETER for RFID). I found the solution
> using EDITBIN.EXE that is a part of older MSVC. It also depends on LINK.EXE
> and MSPDB80.DLL. I rememember that I visited some personal's website where
> was offered a freeware patching utility to do the same without need a MSVC
> depencies but I cannot remember where and Google doesn't helping me much.
> Does somebody knows about it?

I wrote a small EDITBIN replacement myself with TCC (so it links to MSVCRT.DLL only).

Usage: pehdr-lite <PE-file> [+|-dll] [+|-win] [+|-con] [-osver <number.number>] [-subsysver <number.number>]

+dll sets IMAGE_FILE_DLL and -dll unset it.
+win/-con changes Subsystem flag to IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_GUI
-win/+con changes Subsystem flag to IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CUI

I don't need to explain -osver and -subsysver, right? ;-)


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