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1.60 final (Feb. 8, 2015) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 16.02.2015, 23:43

1.60 2015.02.08.
-added http file/stream handling (ALT-F5 can record/copy streams too)
-added Ogg-Opus demuxing (decoding is in DLL)
-removed lq-mode (16 bit integer) au-mixer, removed HQmode setting from mpxplay.ini (now Mpxplay has only 32-bit float based audio mixer)
-added general tone (bass/treble) for au-mixer (all filetypes have tone control, not only MPx)
-crossfade works at different input frequencies too (you can do crossfade between a 5.1, 48Khz AC3 and a 22kHhz mono MP3 too)
-alternative search displaying at alt-letter: filter (display only) search result in playlist editor
-added new LoadID3tag flag: +16: preload informations from slow devices too (ftp,http) (disabled by default)
-added disable_decodertone (+16) and disable_mixertone (+32) flags to MixerControl variable
-faster file open (removed duplicated file open) at pressing enter
-DOS: partially modified Intel HDA handling (-scc), added new PCI IDs (cards/boards)
-bugfixes: see WHATSNEW.160


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