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[Freebasic] Screen function block ISR (Developers)

posted by cpcdos(R) Homepage E-mail, FRANCE [Jura], 17.02.2015, 13:02

> > I have a problem with Screen or Screenres function on freebasic 1.01
> >
> > I launch my program with standard screen of FreeDos, the ISR timer work
> > perfectly, but if SCREEN or SCREENRES is called, the ISR runtime is
> blocked
> Sounds like FB doesn't properly chain the ISR by jumping to the already
> registered routine at the end of the ISR. File a bug?


I was written my ISR library in C and, compile this with GCC (.a), I have include this in my Freebasic program (C import) and this Work when I change my screen resolution :-D

Thank's you all

FAVIER Sébastien

ps: Excuse my for my English level, I'm a French student


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