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XP PAE fix (Announce)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 18.02.2015, 03:02

> > Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ironic to be making posts
> > about Windows where _this_ is the signature of the poster ??? ;-)
> I don't see a conflict here, DOS is fine for some tasks and Windows is
> better for others. I rather flash my BIOS under DOS and rather developing
> my photos with Adobe LR under Windows. As there are very few posts nowdays
> I hope that I didn't bother anybody with this occasional OT. Even I guess
> that most of users here don't run DOS only but use also some kind of
> Windows or Linux so it maybe interesting for someone else like roytam...

Quite true.

My previous post was just a feeble attempt at humor. ;-)

I for one am booted to OpenDos v7.01 almost exclusively on one computer
while also booted to SlackWare Linux v14.1-current 64bit on the other.

I am also testing-out the preview release of Win10 on yet another.
(so-far I am totally underwhelmed with W10)



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