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(OT) W8/W10 (was XP PAE fix) (Announce)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 20.02.2015, 00:16

> > My previous post was just a feeble attempt at humor. ;-)
> OK
> > I am also testing-out the preview release of Win10 on yet another.
> > (so-far I am totally underwhelmed with W10)
> So beware the built-in keylogger :) As I read somewhere it may collect and
> send your key strokes and part of user files - just for better testing and
> your better experience from final version :)
> A few days ago I was forced to use company NTB with Win8 and it caused me
> psychical trauma :P I can't belive how other people can use such ugly and
> non-ergonomic GUI. I was fighting with improper font rendering in some apps
> that caused the fonts looked very fuzzy. I tried tunning cleartype but it
> didn't helped (it works on sub-pixel level but this was much worse). The
> display is fullHD so it has enough DPI to display sharp text - in other
> apps it was OK. I could only change some global scaling/DPI that made it
> look better but graphics object became very tiny. I didn't see this issue
> on XP-W7.
> Also I don't agree MS idea of unifying OS to looks same on a phone and on
> desktop. Every platform has it's specific usage and should have different
> ergonomic design to get best of every platform. It's like trying to make an
> universal car that must fit to everyone-bullshit...

Every person I have spoken with whom has W8 HATES it.

In my testing of the preview release of W10... it is just as bad as W8

The only thing really different is that the 'start menu' is back again.

Other than that... it might as well be labeled as W8.2



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