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64b long mode and VMX/VT-x tutorial and source examples (Developers)

posted by georgpotthast(R) Homepage, Germany, 20.02.2015, 18:25

Japheth did a very good example of switching to long mode and back to 16bit mode here:

As far as I see Michael Chourdakis does not go back to 16bit mode in his example.

There was a long discussion regarding adding multi tasking/protected mode to FreeDOS in the FreeDOS forum. I think one should skip protected mode support because protected mode is outdated. It is better to implement a hypervisor instead. However, this will not work on old PCs. On the other hand by the time the hypervisor for FreeDOS is ready these PCs will be very difficult to find.:-)

I tested the Nova hypervisor which is open source. But as far as I could make out it still needs work to be usable. You have to have drivers for this which you need to borrow from e.g. Linux since it is too much work to implement these for all sorts of devices.

Given the resources available for DOS developments it could be better to make a new hypervisor distribution based on Xen. See e.g. Install Xen bare metal hypervisor



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