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CLI and STI (asm) in my ISR ? (Announce)

posted by cpcdos(R) Homepage E-mail, FRANCE [Lyon], 23.02.2015, 15:59

> Do you use DJGPP for your code? I remeber the caution about a need to lock
> memory that belongs to ISR (and all routines it may call and all data it
> may manipulate) to prevent being swapped out from RAM (in case you use
> swapping-enabled DPMI server like cwsdpmi)
> see functions:
> int _go32_dpmi_lock_code( void *_lockaddr, unsigned long _locksize);
> int _go32_dpmi_lock_data( void *_lockaddr, unsigned long _locksize);
> But it would be probably something else...

@RayeR : Thank you this work perfectly :-)

Best regards

FAVIER Sébastien

ps: Excuse me for my English level, I'm a French student


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