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Download link for MS-DOS 4.10 Multitasking (Developers)

posted by iw2evk(R), Magenta (Italy), 03.03.2015, 13:38

Hi guys,

i post a intersting note regarding m$ dos multitasking from Eric


Hi Roberto, about

Maybe the image contains TWO disks of 360k each? ;-)

Of course it is version 4.0, I thought the whole point was
that you guys were looking for EUROPEAN MS DOS 4.0 (not to
be confused with normal MS DOS 4.01) WITH (a very limited,
only for specifically backgroundable tools) MULTITASKING?

As you see, it is a very exotic version of MS DOS 3.xx sold
with some exotic workstation PC models and similar. Yes, a
version 4.1 (NOT 4.10) seems to have existed for that model:

(this again warns not to confuse with 4.01 and again compares
the goal with the goal of OS/2, not with a normal DOS version)

"Microsoft agreed to write a custom version of MS-DOS 4.0 for ICL
that would take advantage of the extra memory on the ICL computers.
As a consequence, PWS users had a number of software compatibility
challenges" (so it probably does not even run on normal computers)

The ICL workstation had 286, later 386 CPU, up to 16 MB of very
expensive RAM, normally no 1.44 MB floppy support (only as upgrade
in later versions), ENGA graphics which displayed "EGA with an
additional line reserved on the bottom row for multitasking and
communications task messages" :-p

I suggest that the people in the BTTR thread think about this :-)


Roberto iw2evk


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