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xvisor (Developers)

posted by georgpotthast(R) Homepage, Germany, 16.03.2015, 17:15

> > I thought you were looking for something that does not work yet ;-) (not
> > serious)
> >
> > If you want something working you will have to test e.g. KVM or Xen.
> I'm half-tempted to try (under VirtualBox using Intel Nehalem VT-X) FreeBSD
> 10.1 running bhyve running 32-bit Linux running DOSEMU. Do you think it'll
> work?? :-)

I am not familiar with bhyve but kvm works in combination with qemu and you can run Freedos based on qemu.

If bhyve can run a 32-bit Linux distro it should be able to run Freedos instead.


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